but fortunately not while we were running outside. Image Anna and Emily after 14.5 (1st WOD this morning).

Image Anna and Emily after Gold Medal WOD (2nd WOD this morning). I wish I had their powers of recovery.

On the way to the box this morning, traffic was slowing to a standstill on Rt 28 (one lane was closed off). We had almost come to a stop when BUMP, the car behind us made contact. Paul has had his car for 3 1/2 days. I didn’t get out but Paul checked and said that the car behind hit the tow hitch. Didn’t damage our car. Not sure what it did to the other one.

It has rained for most of the afternoon. I suddenly realized, it seems like ages since we had precipitation that wasn’t white and frozen. Made for quite a nice change. However, it will potentially change over to snow during the night and our drive up to the boat tomorrow could be rather messy.

The west coast of the US is having a really hard time at the moment. There was that horrible mud slide early this week and now in CA they have had an earthquake with numerous aftershocks. Hopefully that will be the end of it for a while.

The plane wreckage still hasn’t been located.

And finally, I was looking on the CFMTL web page today and noticed that one of the headers was “Fitness in 100 words”. Well, I decided to write my own definition for ‘CrossFitness’. (I apologize if my blogs are boring to non-crossfitters.)

CROSSFITNESS in less than 100 words

Cross training for everyday life
Register for a class or two
Or try a Community WOD
Stick to the plan
Strength will come
Friendships will be forged
I and we work together
Train hard, play hard
Negative thoughts are not allowed
Every single day is a new challenge
Suck it up
Success awaits you!  (54)


Never doubt yourself