Image Haha. We did it. Paul wasn’t feeling too well all day and wasn’t sure if he would even have a go but he came to watch. Fortunately he brought his gear too because once everyone got going, so did Paul. He crushed his secret goal. And so did I. So we are both pretty satisfied with tonight’s performance.

I have to say, all things considered and the fact that I had absolutely no expectations whatsoever with regards to the Opens, I feel quite proud of myself with my performance over the past 5 weeks. Like so many of us newbie CrossFitters, I have learned new skills, pushed myself way beyond my perceived limits, been encouraged by and encouraged so many great athletes. And I have had great coaches. So thanks to everyone who have helped to get me to where I am at the moment. And I have a solid set of benchmarks from which to improve.

This evening when we arrived at the box, CrossFit Mt Lebanon, we were early and there was no-one else in the parking lot. That didn’t last long; cars and people began to roll up, all with suppressed excitement, anxiety and trepidation as to how the WOD was going to go. The feed across the internet all day was that “it sucked big time”. The box was very quiet to begin with, talking was conducted in hushed whispers. Coach Brad explained how it was all going to work and then we were off. To any passer-by who peeked through the open garage door, the sight with which they would have been greeted was organized chaos. There seemed to be no rhyme nor reason to what was going on. But credit to everyone, although it went on for a long time, everyone finished!!! Quite an achievement.

And then there was the party. Thanks Coach Kevin for the great idea and the food was delicious. Some of the later WODders did say that the smell was a little distracting at times though.

Have to wait until Monday at 8pm EDT to find out where I finished overall. It has been a lot of fun, great community spirit.

Good luck to Anna and Emily tomorrow as they face off for 14.5.




Have a fun-filled weekend.


Never doubt yourself