Image Today’s dessert – frozen grapes and blueberries, coconut milk (which freezes on the fruit) and a little scraping of chocolate coconut butter. About the healthiest food I ate all day.

Image  While I was cooking dinner we were visited by a family of 4 deer. Two are hiding behind the tree.

Image And this is part of what I ate for the rest of the day. I was baking cookies for the eat-off after 14.5 tomorrow evening. These are the bacon/chocolate chip cookies. Unfortunately, Paul had to keep tasting them just to make sure they are OK so there aren’t quite as many left as there should have been. Sorry Ryan.

Image The raw ingredients – cookie dough (paleo), raisins, and candied bacon (probably not considered paleo but still very good).

Talking about food, there is a KFC advert doing the rounds on TV at the moment – KFC’s dipping bucket – and the advert is something like, “The only way to get the family to eat together is to get a KFC DB.” And it shows a family at the kitchen table dipping the ‘chicken’ in the dips. And not a vegetable in sight. I know KFC isn’t in to selling vegetables but I rather think they missed an opportunity here. They should have had at least some salad on the table; in my mind, it would then portray a much better choice of food over, say, McD, even if the salad wasn’t being consumed. Just saying.

Made another observation today (OMG two in one day – the sky is falling). Do you have an opinion about the debate as to whether or not smoking marijuana should be made legal? I do in that I think it might be the beginning of a slippery slope. My thought was that, the people who are now calling for its legalization are the same people who smoked it when they were younger. In twenty years, what will the then generation of politicians be trying to legalize? Meth labs? Hmmm, food for thought.

Good luck to everyone tomorrow. 84 thrusters/84 bar facing burpees.  Two and three-quarter tons. A mere walk in the park. You will do it. You don’t stop when you are tired, you stop when Brad tells you to.

And on that cheery note, I will bid you good night.


Never doubt yourself