ImageWas listening to a report on the radio today about Hobby Lobby’s case being discussed in the Supreme Court at the moment re whether or not the company can be forced, under the ACA, to go against its religious beliefs and provide health insurance that covers birth control/contreception. The report made the point that if the company didn’t provide this particular type of coverage it would be fined and the figure of $26,000 was tossed out. If you think about it, this amount is probably a lot less than the amount it would have to pay out in health insurance that includes contraception coverage too. So who ‘wins’ this one?

The number of dead from the mudslide near Seattle, WA has grown. Prayers go out to the families of those who died and those who are still holding out hope of finding their loved ones alive.

There are some really sick people out there. In a children’s playground in Illinois. Unbelieveable.

With all the talk about the weather, here is something to consider. “Genghis Khan: Good weather ‘helped him to conquer'” “…But as the empire expanded from from 1211 to 1225, Mongolia saw an unusual spell of regular rainfall and mild temperatures. …” and consequently there was ample grass growth and so food for the horses.

Two-fifths through the work week.


Never doubt yourself