ImageSeen outside the box this morning. It was a little lost I think.

Redid 14.4.  We were encouraged to register for the Opens to use as a benchmark for next year. I found out today that my form is absolutely crappy and that my hand muscles are a tad weaker than they need to be. I didn’t have these observations from the first time I tried the WOD. The first time, in Muscat, I was more concerned about the mess I was making with the chalk on the guy’s floor/carpet. And it was rather unnerving having two strangers watching; I was actually a little embarrassed about my ability.

I have been cold all morning, even when WODding I didn’t really get warm and sweaty like normal. Went to the grocery store on the way back from the box and then came home. My car was all warm and cozy so I decided to sort through the mail while still sitting in it. However, fuzzy brain and all, I pulled into the garage and closed the door with the engine still running. Took me a good 10 sec or so for me to realize what I had done. Duh me!!!! Is life depressing me that much? Or am I becoming senile more quickly than I care to recognize?

Hope Monday was a good day for you.


Never doubt yourself