The flora growing on the pontoons in the harbor

Blog 1 – In Amsterdam airport.  Left Muscat, Oman last night at 10.35pm for a 6 something flight. 3 hour layover in The Netherlands and then on to Detroit then home to Pittsburgh.

Have had a great week in Muscat. Lots of ups and downs but mostly ups. Team Alinghi finished up 3rd overall which, given their individual race results yesterday was quite a good save. They did have some bad luck, a breakage, bumped into by other boats and the odd bad decision or two.  I was able to be a guest sailor again yesterday and it was quite different to earlier in the regatta. Before there had been very little wind so everything was done with care; yesterday the wind was blowing and the waves were bigger and it was all in very fast motion with spray flying and people scrambling across the trampoline.

Will post this when I get home.

Joanna never doubt yourself

Blog 2 – Finally made it home. As I have already posted, it was 28hrs from the hotel to home – 3 planes, 5 airports (counting the start and finishing ones). The flights back were very full but fairly quiet. We did get a little worried as the plane filled for the Amsterdam to Detroit flight. Anna and I were in our seats when there was a very loud voice heard entering the plane. And it sat down behind Anna and began kicking the back of Anna’s seat. All still while mouthing off about how she had graduated from school in Tuscon, AZ. We were both extremely tired by that point so when Anna turned around and glared at the girl, she rather shrank back into her own seat. Then as far as we know, she took a sleeping pill and zonked out for almost all the journey. She must have had a very poor short term memory because when she did wake up, she proceeded to kick the back of Anna’s seat again. Anna let her know it wasn’t an acceptable thing to do.

So now it is 8pm and I don’t feel tired any more. If I had gone to bed 2 hours ago I would have been unconscious. Not sure what will happen now. But I had better go and try.


After the awards yesterday, this little toddler was let loose to enjoy his ice cream.

Going to try 14.4 again tomorrow; going to go to see if I can get a few more toes to bar.

Hope you all had a great weekend.


Never doubt yourself