ImageBest friends forever. We left teddies and koala together this morning to give each other moral support. The day began at 4:30am just after 14.4 Open was announced. Anna looked and thought … Well I can’t print what she thought. It took me a little longer to figure it out and have a near cardio pulmonary infarction. I saw wall balls and thought “Oh bugger” and then the ‘rowing 60 calories’ sank in and I thought “Oh sh.t”. Of the two movements we really didn’t need, rowing and wall balls, there they were in black and white. The box here hasn’t yet purchased a rower and ceiling is probably just over 10 feet. I knew Anna would be having a meltdown so I decided we needed plans A, B, C and D at least.

I have to point out that Friday here is the first day of the weekend. The owners of the box, I don’t think, really appreciated get an email from Anna at 6:30am asking if they could arrange for a rower at the box for tomorrow morning. One replied, “A rower. Why?” He obviously wasn’t stressing the Open. So that was plan A. Plan B was to change our flights – bring them forward a day – so that we would be able to do the WOD on Monday, having had a few hours in our own homes rather than going from the airport to the box and doing it then. That accomplished, Anna then got an email from one of the box owners to say that he had arranged with someone who has a ‘box’ in their back yard for us to go there this evening and get it done.

With all that done, a little pressure was off but Anna was obviously still uptight about it. Then she went sailing. There wasn’t much wind and they had really good results and some really bad results but they ended the day still in the lead by 4 points. They will probably have 8 races tomorrow to decide the final placings. Hope the wind holds out.

Actually, first before Anna went sailing, it was press day/public relations day for the women members of the teams and the Olympic gold medalists taking part. Anna was involved in both of those. I think she enjoyed the Q&A session with the Optimist sailors.

After racing, we took a cab back to the hotel to pick up our CrossFit gear, take a short nap and then wait for our ride. Mike turned up in a two-seater Porsche. Crammed Anna and I in the passenger seat, our bags on the back shelf and two wall balls under the hood and then we zoomed across town to Ben’s house. In his back yard, he has a full-on working box.

We took a few minutes to warm up though it was probably about 80F at least and a little humid. However, beggars can’t be choosers so we set up the cameras and got Anna going. She did fantastic given the stress of the day. I did alright too. I managed to do 20 more toes to bar than I had ever done in a WOD before. Actually I had never done toes to bar in a WOD before. At least we have a score. Ben and Mike are both certified judges and have validated our scores so we can rest easy on the plane knowing that if the journey home goes pear-shaped, we have got a score on the sheet.

And now it is very late but we don’t have to get up early tomorrow.

Good luck to all at CrossFit Mt Lebanon who will be completing 14.4 this evening (your time) and over the weekend. Will be thinking of you.


Never doubt yourself

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