Image… and sailing.



I think I am still on US time sleepwise as I got at the most 3 hours last night. Still it was just fine waking up to brilliant sunshine and warm temperatures again. There wasn’t too much wind first thing but it did fill in a little during the morning.

Anna and I WOD’d again at CrossFit Tempo, the first (and at the moment the only) box in Muscat but I am sure that will change. And it seemed so hard this morning. There were a couple of guys there this morning who were brilliant to workout with.

I sailed on Alinghi during one of the races today; we finished 3rd. It was quite exciting – close maneuvering around marks made for some ‘holding breath’ and ‘heart stopping’ moments.

Thought of Ryan I. when I saw all these little fish of the bow of the support boat.

14.4 will be announced here at 4am tomorrow morning. Am excited and a little nervous but can’t influence it so will just accept what is announced.