Image So this is the glamorous side of these big regattas. Boat work out of containers. Actually it is all quite organized. Seems as though each crew has 2 containers into which, or out of depending on whether it is the beginning or end of the regatta, the boats, masts, sails, rigging etc are stored. Once the boats are removed one of the containers is transformed into a fully equipped workshop, with air-conditioning. Very civilized.

Image  And then there is Anna being a tea cup. That was one huge cup of tea. Kept her going for, oh at least, half an hour.Image

It was a mixed day of results for Team Alinghi. There was a glitch in the website scoring so we are not quite sure whether it showing the correct results at the moment.

I didn’t fall in today but one of the guys on the support boat told me that because the officials had seen me fall in yesterday, everyone on the support boats had to wear lifejackets. Haha. Not quite true.

Image Today also during the racing, the boats carried a ‘guest sailor’. These guest sailors were taken out to the Extreme 40’s in inflatables. They got to the inflatables via this temporary dock built out from the golf course. It seemed to be quite sturdy but it’s construction looks very spindly.

Great job today at CrossFit Mt Lebanon to everyone with their OHS.

More pics tomorrow.


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