ImageAction during the practice racing today. I got to sail on Alinghi during the last race today. This was because I was already wet. HaHa. Yes, I fell out of the support boat today. And no, no-one got a photograph. I lost my sunglasses – my only pair, the pair I have had since I started running back in 1999. Boo Hoo.

Didn’t sleep too well last night and the WOD this morning was really hard work. The box was pretty cool though; top floor/penthouse floor of a 9 storey building which overlooks some of the city and the ocean. There is still haze in the air so the mountains were rather blurry unfortunately.

We set off this morning at 7am to go to the box. The journey took a little longer than we had expected because of the traffic but we made it eventually after the taxi driver called the owner for directions. Turned out that we were actually stopped in the parking lot adjacent to the building we needed. We arranged with the taxi driver to meet us at 8:30 after we had finished. Needless to say he wasn’t there so (cut a long story short) we called him and he was “5 mins away”. Several taxis came and went then one was slowing down as if to turn into where we were waiting and a car turned left right into it. Bang! The two cars pulled off the road and were all very gentlemanly about it. There was no shouting or arm throwing up in the air. Fortunately no-one was hurt. And it wasn’t our taxi.

Had a great day on the water. Didn’t get too burnt.

Anyway, bedtime. Hope everyone is having a great day.


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