ImageMade a mistake yesterday; ImageWe are 8 hours ahead of USA DST.  Image After spending God knows how many hours on airplanes and in airports between Saturday 11:30am and Sunday 10:30 pm (local time) we were pretty tired when we eventually landed at the hotel. Only to find that there had been a mix-up with hotel reservations and we didn’t actually have a room. Thank goodness for and Best Western. There was a room at the Best Western,  about another 10 mins cab ride away so that’s where we spent our first night in Muscat, Oman. The bed was really comfy and the place was quiet so all was good. We got checked in to our ‘home for the rest of the week’ this morning and had a lazy day of sorts. We did walk around the local mall – didn’t buy anything except some apples and oranges – and then walked down to the marina for Anna to catch up with the boat and crew.

I have to just vent a little about yesterday’s flight from JFK to Amsterdam. The plane was full. Bad sign. There were also a ton of small kids. Another bad sign. However, there was only one that was a problem as it turned out. And this one was sat directly across the aisle from Anna and me. And it screamed. And screamed. And screamed. For about 5 hours. The flight was 7 hours. And it screamed at that particular pitch that no matter what you did, how much you turned up the volume of your iPod/movie etc, how much blanket you stuffed in and around your ears, you could still hear it. It was just the right pitch to make your bones vibrate. Oh gosh, it was awful. At one point the parent took the child and stood in the Business section. That made me smile. However, fortunately the flight from Amsterdam to Muscat was only about a quarter full so we were able to stretch out and catch a few nap hours.

Tomorrow is an early start. We have to get a taxi right across town to find the local CrossFit box to do tomorrow’s WOD and then back to the hotel, then to the boat. I am hoping that I will be able to get on the chase boat. But if not, heck, I’ll just have to sit on the beach.

Happy St Patrick’s Day.


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