Image Had to go with pictures today. I know, a little boring unless you were there. But today the atmosphere at the box was different from the previous two Open WODs. Today everyone was positive; the two movements, deadlifts and box jumps, were ones that everyone could do. So today, the goals being set weren’t, “I have never done a double under before so I hope to get at least one”, but rather, “I can do these, I hope to get to the 3rd round or beyond”. And because of this change in attitude, as I said, there was a different buzz in the air.


Paul at the beginning of his WOD


Grit those teeth and get it done. Go Mo and Suzy.


Lifting 45# over body weight for the first time ever.


Keeping it in the family. No Steve didn’t lift the children as well but that would have been fun to watch.

Thanks to everyone for cheering, for the encouragement. And thanks to Coach Anna and Hubby Paul especially for helping me pace it out.

Flying out tomorrow with Anna to Muscat, Oman. Long flight but should be fun. Probably won’t be a post tomorrow; not sure where I will be. It will depend if I have internet.

Have a great weekend and if you still have 14.3 in your future, just enjoy.


Never doubt yourself