ImageHave just watch this on the BBC channel; killer whales hunting and killing a grey whale calf. Quite incredible; the determination of the mother to protect her young and the persistence of the killer whale pod to win their prize. It took 6 hours but the killer whales won and the grey whale mother had to continue her migration. Such power and sadness at the same time.

A bit like the weather today and tomorrow here in Pittsburgh. We had temperatures in the upper 60sF with brilliant sunshine today; tomorrow it is going to be wet, windy and cold. And maybe even snowy. I did manage to get out for a short bike ride today. It was wonderful.

So somebody isn’t owning up about what they know about the Malaysian plane disaster. With all the spy satellites in the skies, someone somewhere must know where it is.

I was going to mention something else but can’t remember what. If I remember, I’ll post it in tomorrow’s blog.

Be careful out there tomorrow. Embrace the changing weather – it is still only March.

ImageCat WOD.


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