ImageOnce again I have great respect for and have to take my hat off to everyone involved with 14.2 Open WOD at CrossFit Mt Lebanon this evening and to all those who could not be there but WOD’d at a satellite box.  It was so inspirational listening to and chatting with everyone. Scores ranged from 1 up into the hundreds. There were so many PR’s achieved today.

A lot of the athletes had only just, this week, done a 1 rep max at tonight’s Rx weight. Some hadn’t even lifted that much. However, they all achieved at least one rep and most achieved more. And chest to bar, wow, the effort put into that movement was incredible. My forearms are still not really cooperating.

And on a personal note, thank you to everyone who shouted at me this evening. It was rather a blur but it made such a difference.

Just looked at the news’ headlines. Says that Malaysian Airlines has lost contact with one of its planes. It has 239 people on board. I hope they find it and that everyone is safe.

The Paralympics begin today. I sincerely hope that the athletes are kept safe and that the trouble out there doesn’t detract from their efforts and achievements. Good luck to them all.

It’s Friday. Something I didn’t know about Friday: ”

In some cultures, Friday is considered unlucky. This is particularly so in maritime circles; perhaps the most enduring sailing superstition is that it is unlucky to begin a voyage on a Friday.[5][6] In the 19th century Admiral William Henry Smyth, writing in his nautical lexicon The Sailor’s Word-Book, described Friday as

The Dies Infaustus, on which old seamen were desirous of not getting under weigh, as ill-omened.[7]

(Dies Infaustus means “unlucky day”.[8]) This superstition is the root of the well-known urban legend of HMS Friday.” Guess we have to rearrange the departure date of our summer hols.  Paul!

Enjoy your weekend. Well done if you are done with 14.2; good luck if you still have to do 14.2

Kaitlyn, missed you this evening.


Never doubt yourself