ImageI know the presentation leaves a lot to be desired, but as a follow-up on yesterday’s beef purchase, I made burgers. They were delicious. The flavour was almost as strong as buffalo. Think I might enjoy this purchase.

And then, I made my own chocolate coconut butter. I don’t like coconut butter on its own, but with chocolate mixed in, I can just about manage to eat it. It is a great replacement to energy gels (which upset my stomach and aren’t Paleo). Chocolate coconut butter is more or less instant energy, especially when mixed with raisins. Anyway, I digress. The local grocery stores don’t sell/didn’t have any choc coconut butter so I thought how hard could it be to make my own? (Rhetorical question.) I melted the coconut butter, mixed in some almond butter, cocoa powder, agave, and of course, raisins, put it in the fridge and voilà, energy bombs. And just the right size if I need a chocolate fix.


If I ever wore a skirt or dress, especially in Massachusetts, I would be very upset about the ruling of a court in an ‘upskirting’ case, i.e., someone was prosecuted for secretly taking photos up women’s skirts. The court has said that it is not illegal because the woman wasn’t ‘partially nude’. Sometimes, doesn’t a court/judge have to take a stand and make a new law? You can’t always rely on precedence. I rather think the law is an ass (pun intended) in this case.

The teen suing her parents for a weekly allowance of $654 + other stuff, has lost her case at the moment. Or at least, the judge has postponed his ruling. I am so glad that my children have grown (up) and left home. I find it really hard to fathom how this situation even arose. And I sincerely hope that the judge doesn’t rule in favour of the girl. Can you imagine the consequences that would have for all parents of children under 18 yrs of age? OK, I’m not going to go there.

The UK has just passed a law banning smoking in cars that are carrying children. Now, I am the last person to support smoking but, … really? Talk about a ‘nanny state’. It’s like a case a couple of years ago in the UK. The police prosecuted a woman for ‘not being in control of her car’ because, while she was stopped at a roundabout, she took her hands off the wheel to take the top off a water bottle and take a drink. In my mind, that was probably a safer way to do it than while driving at 70mph down the motorway and taking a drink. The poor police – damned if they do; damned if they don’t. It’s easier and safer to get a conviction of someone smoking and driving with kids than chasing and trying to catch armed robbers who are robbing the bank down the road. I’m stopping.

ImageFinally, on a more cheery note,  a “Large asteroid will pass close to Earth today” but we won’t really notice. It did and we didn’t.

And did you know: “In American culture many Catholic and Protestant churches and some Jewish synagogues schedule study or prayer meetings on Wednesday nights. The sports calendar in many American public schools reflects this, reserving Mondays and Thursdays for girls’ games and Tuesdays and Fridays for boys’ games while generally avoiding events on Wednesday evening.”


Never doubt yourself