I promise this is the last time for the next 5 weeks that I will mention the leader board for the CrossFit Games Opens. But I am going to mention that I am tied at 109/622 on the worldwide board.Image

And on the Mid Atlantic leaderboard, I am lying 13th/53. I have to point out though, that CrossFit Mt Lebanon has two athletes in the top 30 for the Mid Atlantic – M J Costello. Congrats, M J – she is not the mighty to whom I was referring in the title. Fingers crossed for 14.2

Now I know that to many, these positions aren’t worth even mentioning, but I still class myself as a newbie so am quite chuffed with my performance. Whatever I can do to give me confidence for the next round.


14.1 Mid Atlantic Leaderboard

Jurassic Park for real?     ‘30,000-year-old giant virus ‘comes back to life‘. ‘The French scientists say the contagion poses no danger to humans or animals, but other viruses could be unleashed as the ground becomes exposed.’ This is just way too scary.


Never doubt yourself

Anthony, I hope you feel better very soon.