ImageBottom righthand corner – Paul demonstrating his prowess at power snatches.

ImageMo Murphy and Suzy Doerbecker doing their thing this morning all while the snow came down.

Had an interesting drive back to Anna’s house from the box via Lowes this morning. Of course, the snow ploughs hadn’t been working. They were out but not ploughing. As we drove past the end of Greentree Road (the route home from Lowes) we noticed that police cars were blocking access to the street – a car had got stuck on the hill. An alternative route we had to find.

As we turned up our detour, the car three in front stopped moving up the hill and slid sideways. The car two in front decided it wasn’t even going to attempt going further up the hill and began to reverse down, towards us. Fortunately both of these cars missed us. The one in front managed to slip and slide its way up the hill and we followed. Well sort of. We did get to the top of the hill but only after side-slipping towards a road sign and missing it by inches and then crabbing our way up on the wrong side of the road. My only concern was that a car might come over the top of the hill and slide down into us. Fortunately all was well and we made it safely home.

A little more snow is expected tonight. Please be careful.

On the news front, Russia is reinforcing its presence in Crimea. Is the East going to war?,0,6104716.story#axzz2urNtvZrm


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