ImageThis is a screen shot of the 2014 Reebok CrossFit Games Leaderboard at around 19:00 hr today. I completed my first ever Open WOD, 14.1. I had no expectations going into the workout except that I really wanted to complete one round. So I was quite surprised when after I had finished, I looked at the leaderboard and saw the scores. Right now, 21:55 hr, I am down to 7th. But even so! I am quite amazed and surprised. I posted it early because I know it won’t last.

The whole ‘event’ at the box this evening was quite a testament to the coaches and athletes. We, Paul and I, arrived fairly early but the place rapidly filled as 16:30hr drew close. The air was electric and there was an indescribable (sp?) suspense in the air. So much anticipation, it was incredible. Nerves, fear, expectations, goals, personal demons and excitement.

People were assigned their heats. Judges were given their brief, clipboard, pen and athlete sheet. And then, “… 3, 2, 1, GO!” and they were off. (I was in heat 2.) In spite of the music booming, it was possible to hear the tap, tap, tap of the jump ropes as people got into their rhythms. And then the clonk, clonk, clonk as the barbells were raised overhead and then lowered to the ground only to go straight back up again. Then came the grunts, f..ks, pick up that bar, no rep, one more rep, 1 minute left and “TIME”. Heaps of exhausted bodies sprawled on the floor. Good jobs and knuckle bumping were aplenty.

Ten minutes came and went. It felt like an eternity but also like no time. Everyone gave it their all. No-one could have done better. I know that people will be beating themselves up because they think they could have, should have, would have. But realistically, at that moment in time, for that small slot of 10 minutes, no-one was holding back. We all got PR’s today because we had never done this workout before. Some people, who had never ever managed to get a double under, managed today.

Be satisfied with how you did. Use it as a benchmark from which to grow. Remember what you could and couldn’t do 3 months ago. Today was progress and there will be plenty more in the next 3 months.

And the best bit? We get to do it all again next Friday, just the WOD elements will be different. Yay, bring it on.


Never doubt yourself