Caught just before Bekah and David left for work.

Drove back today from Virginia Beach, after an early morning run. Ran out with David for about 2.5 miles then I turned around and he carried on. Wisdom suggested that rather than trying to retrace the route we had just run through the neighborhood, I should just run back along the main road. However, wisdom tends to be lacking at 6:30 in the morning so retrace our steps I did. Well for the first mile perhaps. After that, I obviously took a wrong turn. I knew that if I kept the sound of the main road to my left I would be going in approximately the right direction but unfortunately the little streets down which I ran wouldn’t oblige. I probably turned a 4.5 mile run into a 6 mile run by the time I had turned around on several occasions. At one point, I passed a man walking in the opposite direction to me. I ran to the end of the road, turned around and ran down the next road and blow me, there was the same guy walking out of a side turning much further down the road I was running. He obviously knew a short cut. I was getting a little concerned by the time I drew near to David’s and Bekah’s house as I had visions of David already having got back and him wondering as to where I was; putting out an APB – “running mother missing in Virginia Beach”. Fortunately it was not necessary. Thank you for being so special and for making me so welcome.

The drive home was quite uneventful – blue skies all the way to about 10 miles south of Breezewood and then as I came down the hill towards Breezewood, the clouds rolled in and the snow began to fall. Fortunately it was blowing quite hard which prevented the snow from settling on the road. It was quite heavy at times but didn’t create problems.

The first WOD, 14.1, of the CrossFit Opens has just been announced – 30 double unders + 15 power snatches (55lb for the women but because I’m an old fart I get to lift 45lb), as many reps as possible in 10 minutes. Going to be interesting. Good luck to everyone at CrossFit Mt Lebanon.


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