ImageAs much as I love going to the dentist, not, I paid him two visits today.

Following on from my root canal two weeks ago, I went to get impressions taken for a new permanent crown and at the same had a temporary crown fitted. After leaving the dentist, I realized it felt a little proud along one edge but didn’t think twice about it. Got home, made and ate lunch, no problem except that I did find a flake of the temporary crown material in my egg. I just thought it was a left-over piece that had been missed when picking out all the debris. Bit into a very soft cookie and must  have caught the temporary crown’s edge just ‘right’ because right then I felt a really hard bit in my cookie that definitely wasn’t there when I cooked it. Sure enough the damn thing had split in half. The dentist had told me that to get it to fit, he had had to grind it really thin so when I called him, he wasn’t too surprised. Three hours total at the dentist isn’t my favorite way to spend the day but oh well. C’est la vie.

Snow tomorrow?


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