ImageToday was Sunday, finishing off the week for a lot of people. New one begins tomorrow.

Oh and also, the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Games finished today too. The mascots waved goodbye.

I thought this was pretty imaginative; star constellations of the sports from the Winter Olympics.

And just to show that the Russians have a sense of humor, they replicated the unopened 5th Olympic ring from the Opening Ceremony.

And the obligatory fireworks.

By all accounts, the games were a success. Snow conditions were questionable at times but conditions were the same for everyone.

Being the cynic that I am, I wonder how the US will regain face, seeing as, despite all the warnings from the US government about terrorist threats, there were no incidents?

ImageImageSunrise from my bed this morning.

New small space heater. Thanks, John Fulton, for the link. Works pretty well.

And Paul made me make them – bacon chocolate chip – even though the CF opens start this week.

Hope everyone managed to hug someone they love.

Monday is a new beginning so no excuses, time to get it done.


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