ImageI have just been watching a video of the ice jam breaking on the Rocky River OH. The video is rather wobbly and sort of makes you a little sea sick but the last few seconds are quite spectacular.

Such power in Mother Nature.


Sometimes I have to chuckle at news’ reporters. This morning I saw the beginning of a report about Pope Francis and Pope Emeritus Benedict both being in the Vatican at the same time. It was reported as unprecedented and ‘never having happened before’. Well, isn’t that probably because usually the old Pope died before the new one was elected?

Cable sucks. I might have to try this. “If you get your cable and Internet through a sole local provider, call and threaten to switch to a satellite provider. If there are two Internet providers in your hometown, call your current provider and threaten to switch. Get their best deal. Then, call the other provider and tell them to better it. Some consumers have found that alone can bring some relief.”

Did a great partner WOD today; Paul was my partner. We divided the workload evenly. The first element was double unders. Paul is still working on those but hasn’t got enough strung together yet to use in a workout. So for every 30 DUBs I did, he had to do 120 singles. I think it rather wore him out. All good fun though.

Beautiful day today; hope you were able to get outside. Winter is coming back tomorrow.


Never doubt yourself