ImagePaul is worried the ink might run from my tat while my foot is taking a luxurious ice bath. I’m hoping that the ice will freeze off the rest of my nail polish. Have aggravated yet another old running injury by practicing too hard with my double unders and jump rope. However, I feel more confident with DUBs now.

Went for a swim today for the first time since, probably, last September. And what a shock to the system. I managed to swim one length then had to stop. Managed another few individually then managed to string together 4 lengths. Eventually I managed to swim 10 lengths continuously.

Prior to the swim, I tried to do a 1 rep max for my strict press. When I first started CF, I managed a 55lb 1 rep max. That was back in September. Since then I have consistently tried to lift 55lb again. Last week I managed 1 lift so this week I was fairly confident and ever hopeful that I would manage 1 lift at 60lb. How stupid can I be? (That’s a rhetorical question and requires no answers, thank you.) The WOD today and yesterday were pretty shoulder/arm intensive but I was still confident. I set up my bar and warmed up with a 35, 40, 45, 50 and was psyched for the 55. Got the bar level with my eyes and my right arm ‘said’ F..K that, not going there. My left arm was willing but not the right. I backed off and did the 50 again. No problem. But when I put those 2.5lb weights on the bar, that was it. It was as though I had put a 45lb weight on the righthand end. Oh well. Next time.

And then I nearly broke my nose as well. Fortunately I was practicing with a pvc pipe. I was trying to keep the pipe close as I lifted it overhead. Well, I kept it just a little too close and banged my nose on the way up. Oh, did it hurt. Fortunately no-one else saw. Embarrassing.

All in all, an eventful day. Sorry it’s all about me and CrossFit. I try not to write too much about CF and my workouts because it gets rather boring but today so much seemed to happen.

Tomorrow, if you can, spend some time with your family. Give them all a hug. And enjoy the fact that it is Saturday.


Never doubt yourself