For those of you who know the bridges around Pittsburgh, you might recognize this as the 31st Street bridge. ImageJust off to the left hand side of the photo, under the span that is cut off, there is a public parking lot. To cut a long story short, Paul sometimes parks his car in this parking lot if the trail conditions, going downtown, are bad. He still avoids the roadworks but cuts his chances of falling off his bike by about a third. Cutting another long story short, when I delivered his car back to the car park to collect my own, I was immensely glad that I hadn’t actually parked under the bridge. The car next to me, a Mini, had parked under the bridge and was being hit by a mini waterfall. (I tried to take a picture of it but the water didn’t show up.) The snow melt was draining over the side of the bridge, probably the drains are still blocked with snow, and the torrent was falling right in the middle of the Mini’s roof. And the spray created was flying a good 6 to 7 feet away from the car. I can’t imagine the mess and damage that might have been caused if little stones, sand and gravel were draining with the melted snow. And the owner was going to need a towel when he/she came to retrieve his/her car. Bummer.

Shout out today for Paul. One of the elements of the WOD today was pull ups. Well normally he does jumping pull ups but today, I thought he made a conscious decision to try strict pull ups. He got a few good reps and rather more no-reps. He has just told me that he forgot to get weights out (to stand on) for jumping pull ups. Talk about bursting my bubble for him.

Screen Shot 2014-02-20 at 8.40.14 PMRain and possible thunderstorms on their way. And a lot of wind. For anyone traveling tomorrow, be careful. Hopefully you will all get there safely. At least the morning temperature is above freezing so there should be little chance of black ice.

Tomorrow is Friday. Monday came and went.


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