Image Last Friday, 14 Feb, I received an email from Lowes saying that the order I had placed 10 days earlier would be delivered on 14 Feb. Nothing arrived on Friday. Nor Saturday. Nor Monday, Nor Tuesday morning (yesterday). So I called the telephone number given in the email to find out what was going on. The girl at Lowes,with whom I spoke, was very helpful, put me on hold to call the company because the ordered item was coming directly from the manufacturers. Turns out, the order I placed with Lowes somehow didn’t make it to the company’s ‘order books’ so there was no order. Even though I had been given an order number and a delivery date. The conversation concluded with me being given two options – either I am given a credit or I could re-order. I asked for the credit, to cancel my order and I said that I would order the item from Amazon. This morning my door bell rang and there sitting on my doorstep was my order. What? How did that happen? So now I don’t know, firstly, how much I am being charged – no invoice, and secondly whether I am getting a credit and this order has now been sent as an error.

I think I may have mentioned before, but this mess up with my order, reminded me of a parcel that was sent to me from the UK just over a year ago. It would normally take about a week. This particular parcel took over a month. It went via South Africa.

Might run outside tomorrow. I think enough of the ice has melted to make it safe enough for me.

ImageA bit of trivia about today, Wednesday. Did you know “In Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day, the disagreeable nature of the weather is attributed to it being “Winds-Day” (a play on “Wednesday”).”


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