Image  Took this pic just after we had received a further 4″ of snow this morning. By the end of the day, there was no snow left on the top of the fence rail. Supposed to rain a little tomorrow so that will get rid of some more. Of course, the next problem for the lower lying areas is going to be the potential flooding risk.

Have to blow my own trumpet for today. I have been just shy of, what for me is a mystical weight, 200lb for a dead lift. Well today I managed albeit very slowly. Anna helped me/coached me through it. I started my lift and Anna says, “That’s it, you’ve got it. It’s off the ground.” To be honest, I didn’t think I had got it to move, never mind lift off the ground. However, I pushed through my heels and gradually stood up. I think watching grass grow would have been more speedy and exciting, but I was pretty pumped.

Have just watched a couple of crashes in the snowboard cross (racing). I honestly don’t know how the athletes get up from them. It has to hurt and leave a mark when you land on the base of your spine, whip lash you head in to the snow so hard that it knocks off you goggles, bounce 6 or 7 more times while spinning through the air. Oh to be young and immortal.

Wellies might be a good option for footwear tomorrow.


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