ImageThe south-west and on up to the north-west of the UK is suffering still from horrendous weather.

ImageI was curious as to how the UK weather compared to the hurricanes here. I know the storm can’t be called a hurricane because it didn’t originate in the tropics. However, it doesn’t get away from the fact that it is one powerful storm pushing its way across the British Isles.

By comparison, the UK storm, at midnight last night, had an inside pressure of around 966mbar, with another low passing to the north of Scotland, effectively squeezing the storm. Hurricane Sandy, at its lowest point, had a lowest pressure of 940mbar.ImageImageImage

If the UK’s storm was classified as a hurricane, according to the Saffir-Simpson Scale, it would be a category 2. The video linked to the first picture shows damage occurring as per the winds & effects scale.

Friends who live further inland towards the middle of the country are commenting that they have never seen conditions such as they experienced today.

Given all the rain that the country has had too, I would be surprised if there is a hose pipe ban this summer. (This link has some pretty graphic and colourful maps showing the flooding. Makes for pretty pictures; not so good for the boots on the ground.

And then, here in the States, while Atlanta, GA stayed at home yesterday and today because of the ice and snow, NC’ians didn’t heed the warnings.  Should have listened to the weather forecasters.

Another war seems about to break out in Africa: “Central African Republic leader Catherine Samba-Panza says she will “go to war” with Christian militias who are slaughtering Muslims.”

On a more positive note: The UN-backed relief operation goes on in Homs, with aid supplies going in and more than 200 people evacuated – though hundreds remain.

Congratulations to all the athletes who won medals today. Just being there and competing is huge.


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