ImageI am certain this has been discussed ad infinitum but I just had to share today. The page obviously isn’t blank as it has two sets of type on it – one in the middle and one at the bottom of the page. To be more accurate, it should have something to the effect “This page intentionally displays no useful information”. But that’s not quite right either because the information is important. It is letting the recipient know that the page was not supposed to have any information pertaining to his/her accounts and that no phone call is necessary to ask if any information has been missed off.

It got me thinking about the question, “If a tree falls in the forest and there is no-one around, does it make a sound?”

So of course I searched the internet, well I Googled it and this link has some pretty good answers.,,-82446,00.html


ImageBelieve it or not, I often ponder on this conundrum, not sure why. But really, does it matter? To be honest, I think it is rather sad when a tree falls down. More often than not it signals the end of the tree’s life. It’s beauty is lost. Yes, it will donate its body back to nature, it doesn’t really have a lot of option. Unless someone cuts it up for firewood. But then you might wonder, was that person there all the time?

As you might have guessed, I am no philosopher but I do like a good discussion.

Change of subject. I was in the grocery store last week (on Thursday by happenstance) and had a “Throwback Thursday” moment. Saw these items on the shelves, items which I can’t remember seeing in the US before. David was weened on Ribena – he wouldn’t drink cow’s milk and still doesn’t. And the chocolates and chocolate covered fingers, (not the Yorkie, don’t know what that is), are what I grew up with (as treats).

ImageImageImageImageLooks like it is still raining in the UK. They are having terrible flooding problems. I hope all my family and friends are doing OK and haven’t been affected too badly. Thinking of you.

I apologise for griping again but NBC, the Winter Olympics are held once every 4 years. Couldn’t you suspend the regular programmes for a couple of weeks so that all sports could be given a fair share of viewing time? The coverage SUCKS.

Will the fact that Michael Sam has announced he is gay suddenly have an adverse effect on his ability to play football? I really don’t care which way he swings so long as he plays good football.

And OMG, potentially two years of the GOP putting out personal attacks on Hilary Clinton based on the diaries by Diane Blair, HC’s best friend. And of course the Dems will retaliate. What happened to politics being discussed during election campaigning? I don’t know if I can stand it.

OK, off my soap box. Not looking forward to tomorrow. Have to have a root canal. Blaaaaa. I wonder how a root canal and deadlifting will go together?

Wrap up, it’s cold again tomorrow.


Never doubt yourself