ImageFor two weekends in a row, I have been taken completely out of my comfort zone. Last weekend was my first CrossFit competition in Fairmont WV; this weekend was the Olympic Weight Lifting Trainers’ course at CrossFit Mt Lebanon.

Being a newbie crossfitter and never having done weight lifting of any sort before, I thought this would be a good course to teach me good habits when lifting. By learning how to teach something, where everything gets broken down into its micro parts, I was able to apply the correct techniques to me. Andrea Plubell graciously worked with me today and together I think we ironed out a few kinks in our snatch and clean and jerks. Always a good thing, to have no kinks. Thanks Andrea, it was fun. And Steve Q who helped me with my feet positioning. Although we got up close and personal again with the PVC pipe, we did have a go with the bar and weights too. However by that time, my shoulders were pretty tired so I didn’t load the bar with weights.

I hope all our visitors had a safe journey home. The conditions were/are rather sketchy. Please be careful out there. Same goes for tomorrow. Hope you all had a good weekend however you spent it. Tomorrow is Monday, soon be Friday.


Never doubt yourself