Twice this week I have said that I am 56 years old. Absolutely convinced about it. Until I sat down today and did the math. Nope, I am 55. I feel so much younger now.Image

After my apprehension yesterday about today’s Olympic weight lifting course, I am glad I signed up and will be going tomorrow. I am exhausted and all we did was lift plastic pipe. “Puhuh” you might say but after ‘jumping’, shrugging, rotating shoulders forwards and backwards, trying to put our shoulders blades in our back pockets, bending, squatting and more, I’m spent. Tomorrow we get to do it again and then some more. And we might even progress to a metal bar! And if we do, I am feeling more confident about it because I have more or less nailed the basic fundamentals.

I have just tried to find some good news. There must be some out there, I’m just looking in the wrong place. The UN’s mercy mission to Homs in Syria got shelled today so they had to beat a hasty retreat. And the people who are existing there, didn’t get the relief they had been promised.

I really want to say something positive about NBC’s coverage of the Olympic games. Watching the Slope Style (I think that’s what it is called). The only riders I’ve seen so far are American. Aren’t there other countries participating? Congratulations to the gold medalists. All the hard work and sacrifices have just been proven worth it.


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