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I rather feel that I am going to be like a fish out of water. Not literally – flopping around on the floor gasping for air. Oh wait a minute, maybe I will be. I signed up for this course in the hopes that it might help me with my lifting technique and I am sure it will. But …

I am trying to squelch my apprehension of being the most novice novice the instructor has ever seen at one of his courses. Hopefully I won’t hold up the proceedings too much.  However, I will try to take my own advice and ‘Never doubt myself’. I can do this.

Didn’t realize it was Nicole Pukylo Spickerman’s, aka Nikki or @spikinikki, first CrossFit competition this evening. Yay, you go girl. Hope you had a blast.

Watching a little bit of the Opening Ceremony of the Winter Olympics. Good luck to all the athletes.


Never doubt yourself