ImageBritain is having it’s share of bad weather too. The main railway line between London and Penzance will be out of action for at least six weeks after 80 metres of track was washed away by huge waves. Apparently the huge waves washed away the protecting sea wall, the ballast and the foundations of the track.

ImageGood luck to all the athletes in Sochi as the Olympic Games begin tomorrow. NBC, in its all consuming power as the only network with coverage of the Olympics, will be taping the Opening Ceremony on Friday and then showing it during prime time in the evening, something like 7:30pm EST. There is no way for us to watch the ceremony live; internet access will be blocked. Just as it was when the Olympics were in China. This is what happens when there is a monopoly. We are dictated to by the dictator.

Typical: “Plastic bag charge a ‘complete mess’ ” The British government wants to implement a charge for plastic bags from stores. Well, you’d say, what’s the problem? The government wants some stores to be exempt; and biodegradable and paper bags to be exempt and smaller stores. Shake my head in despair. Guarantee someone is taking a kick-back along the way. I honestly think this country should charge for plastic bags. Or give a little discount for those who bring their own bags.

Beware the toothpaste bomb. In 3 months, Twitter lost $645m. Colorado’s legal pot sellers are being targeted by robbers.  🙂

Wrap up for tomorrow. Just for a change it is going to be cold.


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