ImageMy shoulders are still rather tender from the weekend and yesterday’s WOD so I asked for a modified WOD for today. Instead of the overhead stuff, I did box jumps which were fine and for the muscle ups (which I can’t do anyway), Coach told me use the GHD (on the left). G: gluteus; H: hamstrings; D: developer. You hook your feet in between the small rollers, hang backwards over the semi-circular pads, reach back and touch the floor. Then using abs, glutes and hammies, you lift yourself up and touch between your feet. That’s the theory.



This picture is from last year’s Reebok CrossFit Games and Anna  is 4th from the left – black arm sleeve and red/pink bra. They were doing the movement with a wall ball. I didn’t.

What did happen though, after a couple of minutes was that I realized I was beginning to feel seasick. Got so bad I had to stop. Going to have to work on this movement in very short intervals at a time. Also, if it is a planned workout, I might even use my seasick medicine from the boat.

Went to the movies today to see Lone Survivor. Brilliant film. “Murph” is a CrossFit Hero WOD named after Navy Lieutenant Michael Murphy, who was killed in Afghanistan June 28th, 2005. He was 29, of Patchogue, N.Y. Lt Murphy was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor after his death. (The story behind the WOD).  A synopsis of the mission.


And now, the weather. It’s almost upon us. And what a mess it is going to be.


Please be careful. Stay off the roads if at all possible. And if you are walking, take your time.


Never doubt yourself.