Image Tried a new recipe last night and ate too much of it, while watching the so-called Super Bowl. As you can see, it was pizza but the crust was made from a mixture of egg plant, almond flour and flax seed meal. It looks as though the base should have the texture of and taste like cardboard but it was actually quite soft and moist. Rather yummy all round. This is the picture from the recipe book. I added some tomato paste mixed with avocado before adding the toppings and I used spinach rather than arugula (only because that was what I had).   Image

Have to confess, my quads are doing their usual stunt and tightening up 2-3 days after an event. I WOD’ed this morning and it wasn’t too bad but by the time I had finished I knew I was in trouble. I took the coaches’ advice and bought some ice with the intention of trying to have an ice bath. Image

Not pretty feet and really scruffy nail polish but at the time I had other things on my mind, such as 22lb of ice trying to sink me. I set the timer on my watch to 30sec repeats and tried to relax. Not easy. I was just about totally numb and the pain had eased a little at around the 3min mark. I thought I would probably be able to manage 5min and reached for my watch to keep a track of how much longer I had to go. Of course, I dropped my watch on the floor. As I moved to reached for it, all the water and ice shifted and my little ‘warm’ cocoon of water was invaded by really cold water. I just couldn’t sit down again in it so beat a hasty retreat. Not really sure if it did any good. It’s one of those things when if I hadn’t done it, would I be even worse off now than I am? Who knows?

Needless to say, I only used one bag so I rearranged my freezer to store the other bag, ready for tomorrow. Yeay, just what I need.Image

Finally, I was looking online for a Paleo bread recipe book and this one popped up. It’s a small paperback book being sold for $137.36. I decided that while I was in B&N today I would query this price. Apparently the book is out of print and someone who has a copy has bumped up the price. It’s normal price is under $10.00  The nerve of some people.

Stay warm. Keep a weather eye on the potential freezing rain, ice coming our way tomorrow evening.


Never doubt yourself