photo-4Firstly, thank you to everyone for their support today. And especially to Paul and Anna for coming down to cheer me on and to coach me. And to Brad for his strategising for me from afar.

I am quite excited about how today went. I didn’t win a medal, I didn’t place in the top 10, but I didn’t come last. And that was one of my goals. On the results, I am #601 (line 26). I finished 23rd overall (the results start on line 4). I was really quite impressed with my WOD 1 performance – 3rd.

It was quite interesting to watch the first 3 heats of the first WOD because most of the girls did what I had thought I would do, i.e. a mix of squats and sit-ups but after discussions, it was decided that I should just do air squats. And the strategy paid off. I have to admit, though, 5 1/2min of air squats rather messed with my legs. After catching my breath at the end, I stood up and almost fell over again. As I was walking back to my bags someone bumped me and Anna had to grab me to stop me from falling over.


ImageA quick massage with the roller stick and then it was onto WOD 2. I just crapped out at the end. My shoulders went on strike. During both the air squats and the overhead squats, my squat depth was questionable but I listened to Anna and she kept me right. Managed all movements with no no-reps so no wasted energy. (That was another goal.)


ImageLastly, the stones. The slam ball was manageable and so was the 70# stone. (My third goal for the day.) Had a couple of attempts at the 90# but I just couldn’t get it up to my shoulder. Got going with the double unders and was listening to the count down to the end of the minute time but listened to the wrong one so stopped about 5 sec too early. (There were overlapping count downs – one for the stones and one for the other WODs.) Lesson learned – keep going until the judge tells me to stop and not when I think I should stop. The other lesson learned, was that in future if I have a choice, I will be on the front mat so I can’t see any of the athletes.

So all in all a successful day.  I kept my open mind. I wasn’t intimidated by the competition. I learned what I can do and what I have to do. I did my best and gave it my all.


Thanks again to everyone. Onward and upward.

And David ran 30 miles today and will run another 20 tomorrow. Crazy family.


Never doubt yourself