Image…creeps in this petty pace from day to day…” Not sure quite why this popped into my head right now. Macbeth has just learned of his wife’s death; he waxes lyrical about how pointless is his and life in general; but the woman’s screams, which at one time would have filled him with dread, now have no effect on him. He is also waiting to do battle with Malcolm and Macduff. Maybe that was the bit that jumped to the fore – the battle bit.

A bit deep for this time on a Friday and a bit depressing. But tomorrow is another day and, this tomorrow is the day, so all I can say is, “Bring it on!”

I will go to the start line with an open mind, as I do with any event. I won’t be phased by the competition. For me it is an unknown quantity. I will do my ‘thing’ and it will be my best. I will have nothing left to give by the end.

ImageOn the way to the hotel, (by the way I am so glad I drove down today rather than tomorrow morning), I took a detour to Fairmont SU just to scope out how to get there and find the building and parking.

Drove onto the campus looking for the Falcon Centre, building 25, and there was only one sign for it but I couldn’t find a building displaying either the name or the number. I got to the Rec Centre and fortunately there was a student walking out of it so I asked her where I could find the Falcon Centre. She didn’t know there was a building called that. However, it turned out that she is working the competition tomorrow and was absolutely certain, she thought, that it was in the Rec Centre.

Once I got to the hotel, I had the brilliant idea (I have them occasionally) to see if there was a campus map, hence the opening picture. And sure enough, the Rec Centre is the Falcon Centre.

Got lost in the one-way system coming out of Fairmont. Thank goodness for GPS.

The hotel is fairly new. It does seem a little noisy though; it is right next to the interstate. There are earplugs provided. Might be using them tonight. Have to remember to turn up the volume on my phone for the alarm. The room does have a fridge and a microwave so I brought my dinner with me. I could have gone to Cracker Barrel but they are not very Paleo. The nearest coffee shop is about 20 mins away so coffee is out. I’ll just have to have one of my little chocolate energy bombs.

Have a good weekend. Enjoy the ‘warm’ weather.

Good luck to everyone tomorrow, especially Brian Teyssier and Mike Russell from CrossFit Mt Lebanon.


Never doubt yourself.