Image This is rather sad. K-9 officer Rocco died from his wounds, which he sustained Tuesday night while apprehending a criminal. I have a question about the charges the b….rd who did this will face. Because the dog was a police officer, could his killer be charged with murder? (I am deadly serious.) He damned well ought to be.

It’s a bit difficult to follow this, however, I will try.

ImageNo, this isn’t deer poop or moose droppings. It is my new energy food (for Saturday). Anna told me to try chocolate coconut butter for instant energy. I did but I have to admit, it is too rich for my delicate stomach. Also, with my running/triathlons, I have always relied on raisins for ready energy. I love chocolate covered raisins, so there was nothing more obvious than to combine the two. Softened the butter, mixed in the raisins, left to cool and yum. Bouncing off the walls at the moment. Hopefully I’ll have a similar reaction on Saturday morning.

As we get closer to 15 April, i.e. tax day if you didn’t recognize the date, this is something to consider. Only 4 states regulate and require minimum standards for tax return preparers whereas all states regulate and require minimum standards for hairdressers. A bad hair cut will grow out. A bad tax return could haunt you for a long, long time.

Thought we were done with snow for a few days but according to the forecast for tomorrow, as the temperature hovers around the freezing mark, precipitation is possible – in the form of snow. But by Saturday it will turn to rain. Yay! Rapid thaw. Check your sump pumps.


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