Image Sounds as though there is going to be a battle between the weather forecasters and the Atlanta City politicians as to who got it ‘right’. I rather think that the politicians got it wrong. I was quite surprised when the news reported that school children were being released early and were on their way home; given the forecast, I was even more surprised that the children had gone to school in the first place. So, although we in Pittsburgh knew that Atlanta was going to get slammed with snow, seems as though the powers-that-be in that big city down south were unaware of this fact. So the inevitable happened when they got their 4-6 inches of snow. Bummer. And then for everyone to hit the roads at the same time? Shake my head in amazement.

But my real 4 to 6 issue today was with the bank. It was only $2.00 difference this time but this has happened on several occasions. I’m just waiting for it to be $200 difference. When we first moved across to the US, my written 4 regularly got mistaken for a 6 so I worked (and still do) very hard at making sure that when I write a 4, it is almost L-shaped with a little vertical line on the end. There is no curl in it anywhere. It is all angles. It is a 4. However, whilst checking my bank statement against my cheques etc today, I came across a cheque clearly written as $84 but had been cleared by the bank as $86. I asked the teller to read my cheque and he read it as $84. Seems as though the teller that cleared the cheque didn’t bother to read the words I had written, i.e. eighty four dollars and just pushed it through assuming the automatic reader machine was correct. As I say, it was only $2 but how many other people are caught like this? And do they check and complain? I wonder. Frustrating.

I had another issue today with regards to a magazine subscription. All I’ll say is that I hope that the “this conversation may be recorded and used for training purposes” activated the recorder and that someone listens to it. The girl just didn’t listen to what I was asking. It was as if she was reading from a card of prepared responses and in the end I hung up. Frustrating.

Thanks to Coach Brad for making me do 55# OHS last week. This week the OHS were much more controlled. Feeling a little more confident, and, dare I say, just a tad excited for Saturday now. Not frustrating.

Watch out for the ice under the snow melt tomorrow.


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