Image I was looking back through my collection of photographs trying to find a particular picture and found this. I think I might have used it in a blog before, but I thought it actually went quite well with the article below. Both are quite applicable to me.

SWEAT EVERYDAY – Live your Active Balanced Lifestyle”!How-to-change-your-workout-for-the-new-year/c2n2/8565A313-FB25-4B7B-8F74-293841199832

I didn’t wait until the new year to change my work-out routine; I made tentative changes in August and September and embraced the change full on in the latter part of October. (I still had a half marathon to run in early November so had to keep training for that as well.) Once that race was done and I started to give 110% to my new challenge, I honestly didn’t have the energy to go and run. Or swim. Or bike. I have gone out a few times since the new year for very short runs but let’s be honest, the weather hasn’t really been such that it welcomed me with open arms. I don’t mind running in snow but draw the line at ice.

Even though I didn’t come to running until late in my life (ha, that makes me sound really old), I was so addicted to it I just couldn’t see there ever being anything that would give me the same sort of ‘buzz’, sense of fulfillment/achievement. But I think I did. And I think the reason is, is that CrossFit is SO different from anything I have ever done before. And the best thing about it is, is that, as the article states, one’s workout needs to be mixed up, changed every day, or else one’s body becomes accustomed to the strains and stresses being placed on it and eventually works with minimum effort. Not what I need when I eat like I do.

I do miss running and will get back to it once the weather warms up some. And I really need to get on my bike and practice for my goal ride this year. But all in good time.

Right now I am on a count down to my first and hopefully not my last, CrossFit competition which takes place this Saturday. I am quite nervous but also excited.

Really, the point of this was to say that to maintain interest in anything in life, you have to change your routine. Get yourself out of your cozy little rut and open your eyes to new experiences. It’s never too late. So start looking and try something new before the end of the week. Good luck.


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