Just for a change, it snowed today.Image I took this about 1 1/2hours after we left the house and the roads, by that time, were relatively clear. It wasn’t our house, but Anna’s. We were there finishing off a couple of things left from yesterday. Let me back up.

It was jolly cold when we got up this morning. Not sure if we wanted to brave the sub-zero wind chill on the ski slopes so we decided to call in at Anna’s, finish off what we needed to do and then make a decision. Hmmm… I’m sure you know how this is going to turn out.

Couldn’t park on the driveway – there was a good 5″ of snow covering it so parked in the road. No problem. Paul began the jobs by fitting the leg beneath the kitchen counter. While he was doing that, I went round the house, bleeding the air out of the radiators again. We did have a slight problem with one of them though. Yesterday the bleed nipple was leaking so Paul used a spanner (wrench) to synch it up. This was its downfall. When I turned the bleed key, the nipple sheered off. Well that was that for that radiator. No worries, we had to go to Lowes anyway to pick up one other thing; just get a couple of bleed nipples whilst we are there.

Set off for Lowes. This involved turning left up the hill towards Greentree. The roads were really quite snow-covered. New snow. Quite slick. The cars creeping down the hill to go past where we were waiting to turn left, slid down towards us as they lost control of their cars. Paul had to back up and back up to avoid being hit. Eventually we made it out on to the main road and were immediately stuck in traffic that wasn’t going anywhere. OMG. Cutting a long story short. Didn’t get to Lowes; we eventually ended up at Home Depot and then Jolliers (sp?) in Mt Lebanon. HD didn’t have the bleed nipples. Jolliers did.

Trying to fit the new nipple to the radiator, we thought we had isolated the water flow. Oops, no we hadn’t. We ended up like the little dutch boy with his finger in the dam. Got rather wet and it brought back vivid memories of my faux par with the diesel on the boat. But as with all good tales, all’s well that ends well. Which it did. Or at least we haven’t had a phone call from Anna to say it’s leaking.

So with this and the sump pump and other stuff, needless to say, we didn’t get skiing.

An observation from today’s work: my stomach made a gurgling noise and I commented that I needed ‘bleeding’ to release the trapped air. Paul went further, commenting that burping and farting were the body’s automatic ‘bleeding’ mechanism. Just thought I would share.

And probably everyone in the whole wide world knew this already except for me. I noticed the other night that whilst everything else was black, the snow was still white. Think about it. Even white stuff, clothing etc, is black at night. But not snow. I’m easily amused.

The world is falling apart around us so try to be nice to someone tomorrow. Be careful out on the roads. Happy Monday.

Thanks for reading.


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