to whoever posted this on Facebook today. I had lost my copy.Image I had had it as the first pic on my phone and was a constant reminder that my diet was not progressing quite as I would have liked. But for some reason, when I had to reset my phone, it disappeared and I couldn’t find it anywhere in any of my storage ‘bins’. Made my day. I am easily amused.

It snowed again today and rather than people staying off the roads, they came out in their droves but didn’t drive. Or at least not very fast. And tomorrow probably won’t be much better. However, it is going to be cold again so be careful out there.

And who is guilty of this? “Texters can’t walk in a straight line” Apparently texting slows down your walking and alters your gait. Next time you text and walk, spare a few brain cells to think about what is going on around you.

Happy Birthday to Martin. His Facebook page says he is 102 years old but I don’t think he is. More like 42.

Almost the weekend. Safe travels to Anna and Brad for tomorrow as they fly to Boston MA. Anna, representing CrossFit Mt Lebanon, is competing in the KillCliff East Coast Championships. I have just checked and the event is sold out both days but there will be online screening of the events.


Never doubt yourself