that I am not young and lithe like these children in the picture.Image Why? Because after our bear crawls today, I was fit for NOTHING. But I made it through, not because of my physical strength but because of my sheer pig headedness and determination. It was not going to beat me. (Mental toughness I think.)

Image Why? Because this evening on the news, it was reported that some parents of the athletes are succumbing to all the hype about the terroristic threats and are canceling their plans to travel to Sochi. Granted it is highly likely that there will be a terrorist attack somewhere, and at sometime during the Olympic Games, but this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to visit a country they will probably never visit again and (and this is the biggest reason to go) their child/super athlete has dedicated his/her life to achieve this goal (24/7/365 x at least 4) – to compete at the pinnacle of his/her career and this might never happen again. Their sons and daughters have committed so much of their lives to fulfill their dreams and to not share in that celebration, I think is a travesty.

The terror threat level for London and China was majorly high but little was made of it in the press. Is it because it is Russia?

On the brighter side of life, CrossFit Mt Lebanon was the first box, IN THE WORLD, to register 100 athletes for the 2014 Reebok CrossFit Opens. Such solidarity. Proud to say I am one of them, though of how much use I’ll be, I’m not sure. But I’ll give it my best shot. As will everyone else.

Cold tomorrow again. More snow. And I hope I didn’t upset my niece, Pili.

Stay warm. Stay safe. Stay healthy – gargle with warm salty water.


Never doubt yourself