ImageI was looking for “better day” images and found lots of them. I selected a few to share in the hopes that they will make you smile just as they did me.

This picture Hope/Despair I thought was rather odd. Being a left to right person, the arrows, to me, seem to be showing Hope is behind me and all I have to look forward to is Despair. Maybe if I was left-handed, I might look at it differently. And I suppose what it is really suggesting is the choice we have to make as to which path we will follow. (Thinking too deep.)


This is how I felt yesterday trying to do the OHS. But not today. Ha, I didn’t do any.




Licquorice Allsorts and Jelly Babies always make me smile. Haven’t eaten any for a long time but they bring back many happy memories – fighting with the rest of my family, Mum and Dad included as to who would get their particular favourites.


Dare to be different. And be proud of it.Image

I guess I am just a cookie monster at heart. I can live with that.

Be safe out there on the ice and snow. Wrap up. Stay warm. Take your time. Even if you have to do extra burpees, it’s not worth risking an accident.


Never doubt yourself