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While shopping at lunchtime, the box of blueberries I’d put in my cart, decided to leave the safety of the wire cage and spread its contents all over the grocery store floor. Oops. I did pick up as many as I could. I think I only trod on 2. Needless to say, I didn’t buy any blueberries today.

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Had a really hard time this morning at the box, ‘spilled’ weights everywhere. One of the movements was overhead squats. The heaviest I have ever done on those was 45lb. I decided to try 50lb but felt as though I struggled. I did a practice lift/squat for Coach and asked if I should take off 5lb. But I think he misunderstood my plea and cordially instructed me to add 5lb. I really really struggled with the 55lb and felt absolutely destroyed by the whole thing. Not a good frame of mind. However, I did give this some thoughtful consideration and found the plus from the experience. I did have two PR’s today – small steps/weight increases but both the lifts we did today were heavier than I have done before. And I found I need to focus on pushing away the bar when it is over my head rather than my shoulders keeping it up there. It’s all in the mind. Well, except for when it lands on your head and then, I suppose, it’s on your mind.

ImageImageImageI think, because of my negative frame of mind today, I had a craving for pastry. Or cookies. Or something. I didn’t want to make a dessert pie because I knew that it would disappear in one sitting. I was going to cook chicken and bacon anyway and had the brilliant idea of making a quiche. Oh yes. Paleo chicken, bacon and mushroom quiche. The recipe was supposed to be crustless …..; I modified it. And to accompany it, I fried the veggies in the leftover bacon/chicken fat. To finish with (ate it before I remembered to take a pic), I had cooked together fresh cranberries and apples and topped it with coconut milk. Now I don’t mind that I struggled so much this morning. I feel sore but satisfied.

Image  Valentine cards are in abundance in the stores right now. Easter is on its way too.

Wrap up, be careful on the snow and ice. Take your time.


Never doubt yourself

Crustless chicken, bacon, mushroom quiche

Going to try this one next time:

Spaghetti Squash Crusted Quiche