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Companies woo the weed crowd with artful, edgy ads” 

I mis-understood this headline on my initial reading thinking that the companies were trying to woo new employees from the weed crowd, and I saw the mention of Spirit Airlines and my first reaction was that I don’t won’t a weed-high pilot in control of the plan in which I am flying. However, it turns out that certain companies are producing adverts for their products, making indirect references to marijuana. And I have seen a few of them and thought, “Eeeuuww! don’t like this approach”. And apparently I am not alone. It did take reading to almost the end of the report, but that is where I found the opinions of the anti-legalisation squad. To me, it is very similar to advertising smoking. And for that matter, alcohol.

So that brings up another branch of the advertising. When there was discussion about removing smoking advertising, tobacco-sponsored sports cried “foul” and said that the whole system would crumble. I don’t think it did. So maybe there should be a move to remove alcohol advertising from public view. And marijuana (direct or indirect).

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