Image State Farm Insurance has paid for the training of 81 sniffer dogs who are trained to go in to burned buildings and sniff for accelerants.

Image Hackers are not able to send spam emails to smart household appliances and hack into their software. Not sure, but are alarm security systems connected to the internet? Or to telephone lines? Just wondering because the report says that anything connected to the internet can potentially be hacked. So if your smart freezer, heating system, lighting system suddenly starts going ‘weird’, check to make sure it hasn’t been hacked.

Today’s WOD was fairly brutal. My upper arms were still trembling 4 hours after it ended. Managed to help Anna de-stain a couple of kitchen cabinet doors. Only another 20 to go. Tomorrow’s project.

Hope you all had a good Saturday. Tomorrow will be even more awesome.           Joanna

Never doubt yourself.