Paul putting the finishing touches to the new plumbing.

Gotta love boat maintenance.

Fitting the new plumbing for the aft deck wash which is fine except that the thro-hull fitting is tucked down in between the generator and the fuel tank. Fine again until Paul asked me to go into the space to do part of the job because he just couldn’t squeeze in. I was rather apprehensive because the last time I ‘squeezed’ into that particular space, I knocked out the fuel pipe at the bottom of one of the tanks and was showered/drenched in a horizontal geyser of potentially 150 gal of diesel. But that’s another story. Was productive day without disaster. Phew.

ImageBut then the fun started. The roads had been more or less clear of snow when we went into the shed this morning but by the time we left to drive back home they had disappeared beneath a good 2-4 inches of the white fluffy stuff. And it got worse as we drove east. Thought the turnpike would be the best bet, so headed that way and usually the ploughs are pretty good at keeping the turnpike clear but not this time. In Ohio, where most of the snow was, we saw 2 ploughs, on a side turn off the turnpike. Not sure what they were doing but I do know they weren’t doing their job. The only active ploughs we saw, 4 in all, were on the PA turnpike where it was hardly snowing at all. And they were sloshing out that brine solution and salt. It was amazing really, given the conditions, we didn’t see one accident all the way home.

Nice one Harry! Prince Harry will no longer be flying helicopters but will be flying the flag to get the Warrior Games to London later this year. I hope he manages.

Enjoy your weekend.                 Joanna

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