Got a few more than just a few snow flakes. Image

I did have all sorts of little plans today but none came to fruition. Or at least none got completed. But that’s OK because I did get the window frames on the boat painted.

And because we stayed another night, we went to WOD at CrossFit Perrysburg Thanks to Mitch Hidden, and Coach Ryan. Image

Image Part of the WOD was 2 x 1000m row. Haven’t done that distance for a long time and definitely not 2 very fast with a short rest in between the two. Paul and I decided to push ourselves even harder after the first round and managed to knock off 10 secs for the second round. I think we didn’t do too badly compared to the others in our group and the groups earlier in the day (though Coach Brad may beg to differ).

Have to give a shout out to CrossFit Mt Lebanon too. At the moment our box is leading the Leader Board for total registrations for the CrossFit Opens competition. Go CFMTL.

If we are able to lift our arms tomorrow, we will be painting, varnishing and polishing, and maybe even a little plumbing tomorrow on the boat.

The news sucks again so I am choosing to not dwell on it.

Got an update on my Mum today – she seems to be pulling round a little more so thank you once again for all your prayers and thoughtfulness.         Joanna

Never doubt yourself