Winter in north west Ohio. Or at least this is one of my memories of winter here. Image

The other, of course, is white, flat and trains. ImageAdmittedly this snow is a few days old and has been shoveled into a pile and isn’t very white any more, but there is still rather a lot of it around. And I think this area is in for another dose tomorrow. Have just had another look at the forecast and the chance of snow has decreased from 100% down to 50-60%, so probably no more that a flake or two. There is a chance of flooding though because of ice jams. I realize that water backs up behind the jams and causes flooding but hadn’t thought about the chance of the ice jam suddenly giving way and the held-back water breaking free from its constraints. Apparently further upstream from here, the water level is 10 feet higher than it should be. That’s an awful lot of water to suddenly come whooshing down the river. (whooshing – a very scientific term)

Anyone sick of the Presidential ‘race’ yet? When is it? Hmmm, 2016? “Governor [Christy] is viewed as a strong leader, not a bully, although he has lost ground against Hillary Clinton in a hypothetical presidential match-up, poll shows.”  Has Hilary even declared she is running yet?

There is definitely NO excuse now: “The ultimate Spotify workout playlist, as determined by science” However, I am just the messenger. Haven’t tried the list yet.

Thank you to everyone for their prayers and heartfelt good wishes for my Mum. I didn’t get much of an update from the hospital except that she is doing OK.             Joanna

Never doubt yourself