Was given this new toy by Anna. My coffee habit isn’t that bad and there are days when I actually don’t drink any. I spent the latter part of the afternoon trying to figure out how it all worked. Thanks Anna.ImageThe coffee capsules look similar to Christmas decorations. Maybe I’ll wash and save them for next year. Or maybe not.

ImageDinner tonight was quite delicious. Turkey apple sliders, sweet potato chips (fries in the US), vegetable medley, followed by cranberry/apple ‘stew’ for dessert. Yum. I modified the sliders recipe; I should have used ground pork.

Image During our tiling project in the kitchen, teddy was displaced from his usual place. So now he has another one. I hope he doesn’t topple off into the sink.

In case you were caught up in the Target credit card hacking before Christmas and missed the announcement, Target is offering 12 months free credit monitoring. This is the link, https://creditmonitoring.target.com However it does warn to go through the official site; there will probably be lots more scammers out there trying to get our information.

It’s taken them how long to figure this out:

US-UK ‘may rethink Syria support’  Britain and the US have warned they will rethink support for Syria’s opposition if it fails to join peace talks, a Syrian source says.

Managed a 3 mile run after WOD’ing today. Got it in just before the rain started. Awesome.      Joanna

Never doubt yourself.